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The location of Earth has been lost to mankind ever since an event known as "The Scream." Currently in Sector Asgard Sigma, a shady man known as Wilbur Higgins III leases a spaceship called the Swan Song in order to find riches among the stars. Needing a technician, he turns to friend and fellow con-artist Piani Pic who happens to be a natural psychic as well. Needing muscle, he hires the mysterious mercenary Mr. Sicarian. Knowing that the crew has a well-deserved criminal reputation, Higgins hires a respectable Xeno-Archaeologist named Viktor Kovacs to act as the official owner of the ship and doctor.

Despite their differences, the crew quickly learns that they have to work together; not only to pay the lease, but to survive in a galaxy full of volatile technology, grasping mega-corps, dangerous aliens, and people just like themselves. That doesn't mean that each and every member of the Swan Song doesn't have their own plans...

The Swan Song Universe[]

Swan Song is one of the most popular RollPlay shows to date. Many fans believe it's because of the Sci-Fi theme and its similarity with the show Firefly. Another reason why Swan Song may be popular is Adam's approach to the show. From the beginning on he stated an interest in involving the viewership, which encouraged many fans to contribute to the Swan Song Universe and make it what it is today.
Swan Song takes place in Sector Asgard Sigma

Systems And Planets[]

To better keep track of resources and make travel more interesting, Stars Without Number employs a hex-map of systems the players can travel around in. The Planetary Classification System categorizes planet with the use of five parameters: primary type, atmosphere, temperature, biosphere and population. The Tech Level System is a categorization system created by the Exchange to help travelers evaluate the availability of technology on planets.

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Swan Song
Debut Date July 7, 2014
Game System Stars Without Number
Game Master Adam "skinnyghost" Koebel
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Cast Members JP "itmeJP" McDaniel
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Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson
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Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham
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Steven "silent0siris" Lumpkin
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