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This page is meant to be a showcase of the various Swan Song specific images that fans have created and/or altered.

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Adam Koebel Edit

Steven Lumpkin as Viktor Kovacs Edit

Steven Lumpkin as Prosper Trudeau Edit

Steven Lumpkin as Erik FretheimEdit

JP McDaniel as Wilbur Higgins III Edit

Marcus Graham as Piani Pic Edit

Geoff Robinson as Mr. Sicarian Edit

Geoff Robinson as Alpharius Edit

Pizza Pi Artificial Intelligence Edit

The Crew Edit

Crew Miniatures Created by Gray_Mask [328][329]

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The Swan Song Ship Edit

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Faction Insignias by dspaceshipEdit

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Liefington's Continuously Growing Album: Here

Mr. Titan and Mr. Sicarian's Duel by Channfree

Swan Song Interior Made In Space-Engineers by Vollykin: Here -Reference Post Here

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To look at fan-created comic books, go HERE

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WIP Swan Song Intro by Kazne